Bluetooth 4.0 12v Car Battery Remote Monitor with App

SKU: 651074311822
  • Works with all 12V batteries.
  • Wireless (Bluetooth 4.0) in 10 meter range (33ft)
  • Software Avaliable for Android and iPhone, download for free via Internet.
  • Checks vehicle cranking system automatically while engine is starting.
  • Checks charging system (alternator)


Basic Features: Alert users if charge is low. Review charge history in graph mode. Show the state of charge of battery in real time. Near-Filled perception to get notification automatically. Install easily. Support mobiles: All iOS and Android smart phone with Bluetooth 4.0 iOS (iPhone 4S,5, 5C, 5S and later;iPad 2,iPad Air,iPad mini,iPad mini 2 and later) Android: at least Android 4.3 (support for Bluetooth 4.0 phones) Vehicle Coverage All 12V batteries, including motorcycle, car, SUVs, MPVs, light trucks, trucks, and boats. Including the Lead-Acid, AGM, GEL, EPB, Lithium metal batteries.


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